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Monscicus the ultimate website about the Serra de Monchique

Monscicus will give your all the information you need to know about Monchique,
doesn’t  matter if you are a tourist, a traveller,a one day visitor, curious, checking out the Medronho (the famous firewater from Monchique),or you just crazy for hiking, biking and nature or the best thing you can do, to move here to enjoy your pension, start your permaculture project, a spiritual centre, open up a Airbnb or whatever is in your mind. Monchique is just the right place for all of this, peaceful, nice  and friendly people, multicultural, very good climate, awesome nature, clean air, top water, marvellous public swimming pool, 5 star spas, and just 30 minutes away of the most famous beaches of Portugal be it on the West or Southcoast.

Mons Cicus was the name given by the Romans to Monchique around the time they there building the first spa in Caldas de Monchique well known for his therapeutic use.

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